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At Jet Ski United, we understand the excitement of buying a jet ski, but we also know the risks of purchasing one with hidden issues. Our comprehensive inspection service is designed to save you from the headaches and expenses of unforeseen problems.

Our expert technicians meticulously examine every aspect of the jet ski, from the engine and hull to the electrical systems and safety features. With our detailed inspection report, you can have peace of mind knowing the true condition of the watercraft before you buy.

Pre Purchase is a minor service without the fluid and item change

  • Full electrical check over
  • Full Check over of drive line and shaft (Jet Unit Removed)
  • Full check over of bearings
  • Compression test
  • Battery test

We get in contact with the seller and organise for them to drop it off to us or we go out to them to do the pre purchase. You will receive a condition report on both the jet ski and the trailer. So why risk buying a dud call Jet Ski United to organise a pre purchase inspection on your next jet ski!

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